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As the streaming era is rapidly growing day by day viewers want unlimited content and handy options. When it’s about free streaming, no app can serve you without interrupting you, because they all work for a huge profit. And there, Megabox HD is serving all of its services as free to each and every user.

You can count on streaming as the best option to pass time, in any mood. There are countless movies and web series present on various platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. But the problem is, you have to handle multiple apps and accounts and it also costs a lot of money to get the premium access.

Whereas, Megabox HD is totally free and has more content in comparison to any paid app you want to compare on. Megabox HD has the ability to keep the users tuned with the app, it won’t bother the public with their experience. It is also the best alternative to showbox app.

What is Megabox HD?

megabox hd

Megabox HD is a streaming app, which allows users to watch their favorite shows and movies directly from this app. It’s sharing all these streaming access for free, so the users don’t have to spend their money over high-price subscriptions.

App NameMegabox
File Size2Mb
Total Downloads1M+

A huge library of movies and Web Series has been already updated on this app and more will be added if you go along. Apart from this, many unique options are introduced in this app which makes this most favorable among viewers.

Why Megabox HD?

What do you expect from a streaming app? An instant stream link, which never gets expired. Quality options because you might have to adjust with your current data plans and a huge never-ending library. Now, you’re thinking that It would surely cost you a bill of 100$ p/m sort of amount but hold on, What if I tell you, these all options can be found in an app which is totally free. Yes, Megabox HD is the finest option you should have to go with. It’s free, simple and has a huge collection of content.

In addition, Megabox HD has categorized all the contents, as per ratings and popularity and genres and added a couple of more handy options. It’s the best light-weight app you ever get to know, it only consumes 2MB Size to download Megabox HD App.


There are a lot of options you get free along with this app, and I can bet that there is no other app that can chase this app’s performance. It’s hard to discuss all of them but I tried of mention a few of them to you. Take a look over the highlight features to know the ability of Megabox.


One of the major things you should have to know about Megabox HD. It’s free, there is no hidden charges or any planned procedure. You can stream all of its contents for free, without any restrictions.

Light Weight

This app is the lightest app in this genre, it has hardly 3MB of size but the worth of data it has is infinity. You can install this app on any android device, as it doesn’t require more storage and space.

Fast Performance

It has a really simple and sleek interface screen, everything is already available in front of you. There’s no need to rush in search of any handy option you would like to go with, you can all of them on the home screen of the app, as well on the header on other pages.


The content list is updated every week with new movies and shows. Also, The users will notified about all upcoming movies and episodes.

Quality Choices

You can also choose quality for your content, if you have more data you can go with Full HD Quality, and if you’re running out of data then you can degrade the quality to lower resolutions.

My List

You can mark your favorite movies or your watch-list which you are going to watch later. It’s available for all movies and series, just visit the content and hit the star option to add the specific content into your Favourites Tab.


There are more than millions of streaming content available in this app, I can bet that you’ll never feel bored of this app. Bollywood, Hollywood and some other countries are on top priority, so you’ll find the majority of content from these native countries.


The list has been already filtered with genres like, action, horror and comedy. Also the sort option is available for users to make the search more reliable with the users desire.

Pros & Cons

pros & cons

Let’s be honest, every product has pros and it must have some cons. There’s nothing perfect in this world, not even this app. So, here’s a quick look of highlight of its pros and cons. For an idea, what you’re going to miss and what can be enjoyed.


-sleek and smooth UI
-high-resolution options
-huge collection of movies
-ratings and description is added
-list has been filtered with categories
-favourite option is added
-no annoying ads


-no subtitles option
-decent internet connection is required
-only a few reliable 1080p resolution content
-not work on default video player, you need to download a new.


Download Megabox HD App For Android

megabox hd for Android

The Megabox HD app arrives with many more features which isn’t explored yet. You can explore them by own if you’re going to download this app.

Before you download Megabox HD App I want to clear your doubt that this app isn’t available on Google Play Store. As it’s sharing streaming content Google couldn’t let any app available on Play Store.

Don’t worry, you can still download this app from third-party websites or from Megabox HD Official Website. Or you can directly download the apk file from the below-given button.

In future it might get available on Play Store, but as for now, you can download it from our website.

Megabox HD

Install Megabox HD App on Android

Once you find the apk file of Megabox HD, there’s nothing much left for the process.

  • You have to go to the file and click on install.
  • It will take a few minutes to extract and install the packages of the app.
  • After a while, the app is installed and ready for use.
  • Now you can use Megabox app for Android to watch free movies and shows.

Note: If you’re doing this for the first time then you might have to enable Unknown Sources. For this, Go To Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and enable it.

Download Megabox HD For iOS

megabox hd for ios

You will find hundreds of apps for Android but when it comes to iOS, it’s hard to find even a single app. But here, I’m going to share Megabox HD for iOS, if this didn’t work for you then some alternatives.

Let’s talk about the Megabox HD first. To grab this app for your iPhone you have to install another app called vShare App.
This app has a directory of numerous apps which are designed for Android System.

  • Download the vShare app, you will find this on App Store or you can easily get this app from the Internet.
  • Once you find the vShare app, open it and search for Megabox HD app in it.

The chances are positive that you’ll get this app there.

If this isn’t helpful, you can go with the other method.

Try an alternative to Megabox HD. There are many alternatives you can pick, but I suggest you MovieBox or ShowBox. As it has quite similar options and works smoothly on the iPhone. MovieBox has a set of movies and shows which isn’t free on any other streaming app for iOS. So, This can be the best alternative you can choose.

Download Megabox HD For PC

megabox hd for pc

If you want to stream your movies on a bigger screen like Desktop then this article can help you for sure. Keep following our simple steps to download and install Megabox HD for PC, on your Windows or Mac.

You can use Megabox HD on pc in many ways, there are a couple of tweaks you can try.
Use Emulator, As an Emulator has the ability to install your Android Apps in itself and let you enjoy all of its features directly from your Emulator on your Desktop.

For this, you need a working Emulator and Apk File of Megabox HD.

To download the apk file click on the below download button.
After downloading the app, locate it to a folder that can be easily found from the Emulator.

Megabox HD

Now Install the Apk File.


Download Megabox HD For Chromecast

megabox hd download

Installing Apps on Chromecast is the easiest among any other platform, this won’t take more than a couple of minutes.
To install the Megabox HD follow the below-given steps.

  • You need to install an app on your Android Smartphone called Google Home.
  • After that open the app and search for nearby Chromecast Devices.
  • If your TV or Desktop has Chromecast, it will be listed on the Google Home Application.
  • Pair both devices with each other.
  • Now back to your smartphone and open the Megabox HD App. There, you’ll find the Cast Screen option on the header. Click on it and it will be cast on your TV Screen.

PS: If the cast option isn’t available at that point, you can go to any other app which supports cast features and connect your device from there, like, YouTube, Spotify.


Is this app illegal?

If you’re going to use this app just for streaming personally. As it’s sharing movies that can’t be shared online without authority’s permission. But if you’re using it for your own, it’s fine.

Is it really free?

Yes, they’ll never ask you for any sort of fee or registration. Megabox HD is free and serves all the content for free.

Quality options in Megabox HD?

There are many resolution options on every video, from 360p to 1080p. You can choose any of them as per your needs and data.

What are some good alternatives to Megabox HD?

ShowBox and MovieBox can be the best alternative. Both of these apps have similar options as Megabox HD, quite a similar interface and the pretty same collection of movies.

Can we download movies in Megabox HD?

Yes, you can, there is an option for this. You can save videos for offline and watch them later. To find your downloaded videos, Go to the Downloads tab.

Do they store private data?

No, they will never collect any type of data, even this app doesn’t have a profile page. You don’t need to register to stream, just watch anonymously.

Can we download movies in Megabox HD?

Yes, you can, there is an option for this. You can save videos for offline and watch them later. To find your downloaded videos, Go to the Downloads tab.

Wrapping Up

In the end, I hope you guys have got Megabox HD App and can install it on any platform you have. If you still have any doubt or face any issue while installing, ping us and comment down the issue you’re facing.

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