Apps like showbox (Alternatives) June 2021

Showbox is one of the best apps in the market for viewing paid content for free but as it is down from some many days you would be searching for apps like showbox in the market. Here we will be discussing it in detail.

showbox app
showbox alternatives

NOTE: Showbox is again Up and running

After the temporary shutdown of showbox, this list has to be made since many of the websites are taken down which were distributing showbox apk on their posts.

The distribution and promotion of the app are banned by movie studios and anybody doing this will be sued by the movie producers. We would suggest you use legitimate distributing websites such as amazon prime or Netflix instead of searching for apps like Showbox.

If you still want to get knowledge about different apps like showbox, then here is a list of them.

Go to download page to download showbox latest working apk.

Apps like Showbox – Alternatives

There is a large list of apps that are similar to it and work as well. But here we will only list the best of those for you.

apps like showbox

According to the latest news, More and more websites distributing showbox apk and going down and it is illegal to use the app.

A complete list of apps like Showbox in the market better than it:

  1. Popcorn Time App
  2. Cartoon HD App
  3. Morpheus TV
  4. Terrarium TV ( Titanium TV)
  5. Tea TV
  6. Mobdro App
  7. Netflix
  8. Amazon Prime
  9. Hotstar
  10. Hulu

Let us discuss detail about each of them below:

1. Popcorn Time App

This comes first in the list of apps like showbox for a reason. The app is one of the best showbox alternatives and is completely free to use.

showbox alternatives

The user interface is clean and bright. It has all the shows and movies which aren’t available anywhere else. It is one of the oldest app running as a free movie & TV show streaming app.

You can download it from their respective website if you want to. You can also read its amazing features from above.

2. Cartoon HD App

This app is one of its kind. It was launched as a TV show streaming app for all the shows which were available on cartoon network.

But you can use it as a showbox alternative and enjoy your daily dose of entertainment.

Showbox alternatives

Cartoon Hd is a free app and gives all the resolutions to download in your preferred resolution of the show.

3. Morpheus TV

Having a unique name, it is also a unique app too. The app has all the features you need in a movie streaming app. It has its own video player so you don’t have to download a separate one.

apps like showbox

You can download shows with subtitles and multiple resolutions if you want to.

These were the top 3 apps like showbox. But this isn’t the end of the list we have top 10 apps similar to or better than it.

4. Terrarium TV ( Titanium TV)

Terrarium TV is one of the oldest apps which serves paid content for free. It had last updated for version 9.99 which showed the end of the legend app.

apps like showbox

The last version had an alert message showing that the app has been shut down since the developers had to work on other projects but it is back in the game with another name.

The app has been again live with the name titanium Tv. It can be used as a showbox alternative app since it has some best features which no other app has and also the trust of so many years.

You can go to their respective websites to download the apk and start using it on your smartphone.

5. Tea Tv

This is a recently launched app in the market with some amazing features. You can take a try on it, if you love it or not.

Showbox alternative

The app is trusted and checked by our colleagues and it works fine.

Just download it from its official website and comment us the experience you had with this app.

6. Mobdro App

Another app with a unique name and features. It has secured its place in the list of apps like showbox since it has both live tv and movies.

apps like showbox

You can use it as tv on your smartphone. Also, you can use it with a chrome cast to watch your favorite TV shows on the bigger screen.

So, These were some of the best apps in the market which can be used as Showbox alternatives or you can say apps like Showbox.

Using free apps to watch movies & Tv shows is illegal. Want to know why?

Movies production houses spend millions of $$ to make their content and then they sell it but these types of apps let us surf them for free without spending a penny.

This serves a huge loss every year which could be a potential income if these apps won’t be there in the market.

The movie production houses have a separate team that churns day & night to fight against these kinds of apps and brings them down.

We should honor their work and not use these types of apps instead we should use paid subscription apps which are listed below.

I bet these alternatives will be love when you start using them. You just have to spend some cash to use them but it is worth it.

Here are the paid alternatives of Showbox which are legal to use.

7. Netflix

Whenever we talk about movies & TV shows, the first name which strikes our mind is Netflix.

apps like showbox

It is the best-paid alternative to Showbox. It is similar to Showbox but you have to buy a paid subscription to use it.

They have 3 plans as of now:

  • Basic – 7.99 $ per month
  • Standard – 10.99 $ per month
  • Premium – 13.99$ per month

Just pay the subscription fees and enjoy uninterrupted content for 1 month. You get the first month free! Try now!

8. Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video is also a good alternative since it is cheaper than Netflix and has amazing engaging content.

showbox alternatives

If you don’t have to spend much then you can use it on your smartphone for less than 7$ a year. It is one of the best apps like Showbox.

Subscription Charges:

  • Regular User: 12.99$ per year
  • Student Account: 6.49$ per year

Along with videos you get free prime membership in the Amazon app to get free deliveries on all orders and free music for a year.

9. Hotstar TV

Hotstar is an Indian content platform that has started serving abroad too. It is cheap and good with engaging content.

showbox alternatives

It has both videos & tv shows as well as live TV. The application can be downloaded from below.

Subscription Charges

  • Only One plan of 9.99$ per year.

10. Hulu

Hulu is more like a tv than apps like showbox. But you can still use it for watching engaging content. The app has different plans to choose from.

apps like showbox

Subscription Charges

  • Hulu streaming library – 7.99$ per month
  • Hulu with Live TV – 39.99$ per month
  • No Commercials – +4$ to any plan

Even if you don’t buy any Commercials option. There are not many commercials in the app.

You can also use beetv app for free which serves similar features as the showbox and is free also for everyone.

These were the list of top 10 free and paid apps like showbox in the market. You can easily download the apps from Google and their respective websites.

We aren’t posting the links to these sites since some of these are illegal to use and we don’t promote illegal activity.

This list of showbox alternatives is just for knowledge. Using those apps or not is the sole decision of the user and he/she is responsible for any harm causing to them.

We recommend buying a subscription from the paid alternatives instead of using paid ones. It’s not worth the problems you would get into by using these apps.

For more latest updates about showbox apk and its alternative, bookmark us now.

If you still have any queries or need more details about the app then comment below we will love to help you out.

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