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In this world of chaos and depression, watching tv shows & movies for lightening our mood has became a necessity but the increasing subscription charges of the content serving platforms are making it a great sort of headache. People pay the subscription charges but hardly watch shows and movies for what they have invested because of jobs and other important work. Occasional watchers like us are not able to afford these highly inflated subscription charges. It has come like a boon for users like us. Cinema HD apk is one of the best application to watch and download movies and TV shows with nil or minimum subscription charges.

Cinema Hd apk logo

Cinema HD apk was launched back in 2018 to help people by giving the movies & TV shows absolutely free over internet. It has gained a huge popularity over time and it is increasing day by day. Some of it’s salient features like zero subscription charges(with ads), All content at one place, Inbuilt media player, multiple subtitles to all shows, has made it one of the best content watching platform on internet. It’s vast features have made it a competitor of the legend showbox app.

Cinema HD apk features

It carries a large number of features which makes it an amazing app. Below are some of it’s amazing features discussed in detail.

cinema hd features and settings

All content at one place

Cinema hd hosts almost all the latest movies & TV shows at one place. Ideally the content are hosted on only those platforms which own the rights of the show so we had to buy subscriptions of multiple content serving platforms such as Netflix, Amazon prime video, HBO, Disney + Hotstar. But the cinema hd apk is not a content serving platform like them. It searches for the links of the shows which are freely available over internet and serves it at one place. This unique features helps it to host almost all the movies & TV shows over internet.

Zero or minimum Subscription charges

It doesn’t require any subscription charges in it’s ad-supported version but if you want it’s ad free version then it will cost a minimal amount to your pocket. Kindly check the subscription fees listed in the screenshot below:

Cinema HD apk charges

This cost is nothing in front of the hefty charges taken by the content serving platforms.

Child restriction

Restrict your children from certain categories while using this app. It has a restriction option by which you can restrict certain genre while having fun with the app.

Cinema Hd apk restrictions

You can also set a password for the restricted categories so that they are accessible only by you.


Cinema HD has an auto play feature so that you don’t have to change the episodes after each one ends. Just turn on the auto play option and it will change as soon as the other one gets over.

Cinema Hd autoplay


According to your device specifications, you can tune the performance settings for better entertainment. It has a “Show HD only” option to watch only high definition shows and movies.

Cinema Hd performance

You can also lower the graphics for better performance with lagging or buffering. It has a lot more performance settings which you can see in the screenshot above.

Multiple Subtitles

Cinema HD has multiples subtitles to choose in each TV show or movie. You can select a language which you prefer and watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

Regular Updates

Get weekly regular in-app updates of the apk within 2-3mb for improved performance. The updates are regular and comes with new features added everytime to improve user experience.

App version & details

File NameCinema HD / Cinema HD apk
File size29.9 Mb
File TypeApk
Installation count1 Million+
AvailabilityNot available on Playstore

How to download & install Cinema HD apk

The features of this app is never ending so without wasting much more time, let’s jump to the download & installation procedure.

Download ad-supported apk

cinema hd apk launch screen

Click on the below download button to download the apk on your smartphone. Below is the ad-supported version of the apk, we also have the modded version which is ad-free for our beloved users.


Cinema HD v2.3.6.1 apk

Download ad-free cinema hd apk (mod version)

Here is the mod version of the apk without ads. Just click on the download button given below.


Cinema HD Mod

How to install cinema HD apk

To install the apk on your android device, follow the steps given below:

  • Installing the apk is pretty much easy if you have a little knowledge about smartphones.
  • Just find the downloaded apk ( Mostly it lies in the downloads folder ).
  • Click on the apk and allow to install the apk.

cinema hd installing

  • If you have never installed any apk on your device then you have to manually turn on a setting which is described below.

How to allow unknown sources in android smartphone

The apk downloaded from websites usually contain malware or are a threat to our android devices, so if a app is installed from any source other than google play store is shown as an unknown source. Installing apps from unknown sources aren’t a threat to our smartphone but it should have been downloaded from a trusted source.

To allow installation from unknown sources, click on the settings option in your android device.

  • Once you go to the settings, different devices have different settings but mostly in all of them unknown source allowing is present inside the security settings.
  • So, head on to the security settings and you will find and option to allow unknown sources.
  • Click on the check box and allow the option.
  • Now, you can easily any apk in your smartphone, until you disallow it by your own.

NOTE: In newer smartphones this method doesn’t work. You can simply search for the allow unknown sources in those smartphones as shown below.

search for unknown sources

install unknown apps

After allowing unknown sources, click on the cinema hd apk and it will start installing. It will ask for some basic permissions which are required by the application for it’s full functioning.


Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by our users.

People are usually discouraged of downloading apps from internet and installing on their smartphone due to strict google policies on android. Thus, we are here to solve the dilemma in our user’s mind.

Is this Cinema HD apk free to use?

Cinema HD is a free to use app for ad-supported version but if you need un disturbed entertainment then you can buy their paid plan for the cost of peanuts. It serves almost all the content at one place. Once you install this apk then you don’t need any other content watching application on your smartphone.

Is cinema hd apk safe?

We check the apks for malware or viruses before providing the link on our website. We ensure user safety for better experience. You can also check for any malware on your own by several tools available over internet for free.

Can I get in legal case for using this apk?

Millions of people daily use the application for free and without any problem but still as it may contain piracy, there is a risk always there. Cinema HD doesn’t host any movie or show on their servers, It just provides links of them which are freely available over internet.

How to correct subtitle speed?

The subtitles may sometime have a small error and go before or after the scene of the show. You can use MX player to configure and sync the subtitles with the show. It is a simple procedure which can be done by anyone with basic knowledge of the application.

Is cinema hd apk available over google play store?

The answer is NO! Many fake applications are spread over internet under it’s name and so on the play store. But I can assure you that it is not available over google play store as google doesn’t support these type of movie streaming apps. You can always download the apk from us for free and regular updates.


This was all about the Cinema HD apk, bookmark us for regular updates of the apk and to solve any error that occurs in the application. Suggestions are always welcomed by our users to improve the app performance. We will directly send your suggestions to the apk developers.

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