Download Morph TV Apk For Android, iOS and Windows

There are many streaming apps but only a few can entertain viewers. All these apps are packed with limited features and the users must have to stay in the restrictions if they go along with the app. But here, in Morph TV Apk you can do much more than just streaming movies.

Morph TV comes with numerous features which will make the user feel addicted to the app. You can watch movies from any website, there are plenty of it.

But if I tell you that you can download the movies and shows, via torrent links directly from this Morph Tv Apk then you’ll surely feel shocked. This app has ability to serve you the torrent download links for the content you’re looking for.

Apart from this, Morph TV has recently crossed the downloads of 100M+ last month, which is a great signal for people who haven’t installed this app yet.

What is Morph TV?

Morph TV App

Morph TV is an another streaming app which has rolled out unique features. A library full of Movies and TV Shows, proper access to the settings to customize things on your own.

Why Morph TV App?

Morph TV Apk Download

You can have any other app too, but the thing which makes a difference line is the interface of the App.

The developers of this app made it more sleek so the users won’t have to hustle to find relatable options, also the UI is too simple and easy to understand, even on the first trail of the app.

Also the movies collection is huge to prevent your thrust. You can download them to view offline, get torrent links and mark the movies as watched.


You don’t have to pact yourself with just limited options when you can have proper access on every possible setting you could use.


You may probably know that these type of apps don’t ask for money because they do have ads to make money through. But here, you’ll get more options and quite long list of new movies.

Annoy-free Ads

This app does have ads but these ads won’t disturb you while you’re watching any content on this app. The footer ads will generate enough money to maintain the apps link providers, so they will never bother you.


With this app you can save movies to watch them later, or offline. This feature can save upto GB’s of your data because it doesn’t cost much data while you’re saving a video offline rather than watching it online.


An option to add movies and shows to your watch-to-list. When you come up with multiple suggestions, you can add those content in this list and when you’re done with your current Movie or TV Show, You can start working or this Watchlist.


This option got too many positive feedbacks because this can hold your whole collection at one place. You can show up your collection of watched or the movies you prefer, to your mates as a playlist.

Watched Option

With this feature you can mark movies as watched, if they ever cross your screen they’ll have a marked sign of Watched. By this, you can ignore the stuff which has been already watched on your screen.

Cast Screen

Most of the other app don’t have their own cast screen option, they have to merge with any other app to cast it on your Nearby screen. But here, in this app they already gave you an option for the same.


You can check ratings and description of the following movie before watching it. If it seems good to you, go for it, if not, then you can just bounce back to another one.

Download Morph TV App For Android

Morph TV For Android

A great choice for streaming on your android smartphone, as it’s compatible for Android and serve the best on this platform. You can download Morph TV for iOS and PC but the best version is only available for Android.

The very first update will be launched for Android first, then it will cover the other platform. Because the majority of public has Android as their prior Operating System.

Morph TV is not available on Play Store, you can find many clones there but the official app isn’t available there. You should have to download it from other sources, like third-party websites or the Official Website of Morph TV.

If you don’t know how to get this app from the Internet, you can download morph tv apk file from here.

Download Morph Tv Apk

This is the current Latest Version of Morph TVApp. If there will be any other update of versions, we will renovate the file as well, on this website. So, Keep checking for the updates.

Install Morph TV For Android

It is an easy process to install any app on Android because you don’t have to follow any complicated straps or any long procedure. Just find the app and hit install button, that’s it.

But in a few cases, people with no experience about third-party apps have to deal with some issues.

So, this section can help them to find the correct way of installing an app on your Android device.

At first, you should have to enable the Unknown Sources. This option is disabled by default because the system doesn’t want to let you install any external app on your device.

If you enable this option, only then you can have Morph TV on your device.
So, Go to the settings of your smartphone and Scroll down to the Security Section. There, you’ll get an option named “Unknown Sources”. Click on the option and Mark it enable.

Now, You can install any app on your smartphone, either it’s from Play Store or from the outside Internet.

Once you’re done with the above steps then you need the apk file of the Morph TV. I hope you already had downloaded the file in the above part of the post, if not, nothing to worry about. You can still have this app, just click on the green button on the below and Download Morph TV Apk.

After the download, Click on the App and Hit Install Button.

It will take a minute to install the app, grant the permissions to access your smartphone. It won’t harm you in any case.

When it’s done, Click on Open.

Now, you’re in the app. Go and stream as per your interest.

Download Morph TV For iOS

Morph TV For iOS

Here, I’ll tell you about how you can Download Morph TV For iOS, Even if your device is Jailbreak or Not. I had already gathered all the possible ways for both of the systems. Just stay tuned with the post and follow the native process.

If your device is Jailbreak then you can directly avail this app on your system. It will be available for you on mang forums and developers page. Go visit there and grab your app from there.

Don’t know what Jailbreak is?

Many of you had heard about the Jailbreak thing, if not, then here I am. Jailbreak will make your iOS device more compatible and gives you the proper control over your device. You can do whatever changes you want, change themes, fonts and install any app you like to. But it’s risky to Jailbreak an iOS because it can hit permanent damage of your device. So, Only a few people perform this operation on their handy device. I suggest you not to try this if your device isn’t Jailbreak yet.

For Non-Jailbreak Devices

If your device isn’t jailbreak then there are many other ways you can go with. You can use an Emulator or some similar apps which has same options as Morph TV App.

TweakBox is an Emulator which is openly available for iOS. Just download the Emulator and look for the apk file of the Morph TV.

First of all download the TweakBox Emulator, you can have this app from the App Store or Search for the TweakBox from your Safari Browser.
Once you get the app, Open it and visit our website and download the app from the below mentioned button.

After that, you can download it on your Emulator and use it from there whenever you want to watch any movie.
It will deliver you the same interface and options as to the Android Users.

If you don’t want to follow the above method, you can pick up any Alternative of Morph TV App. There are many, But I suggest you to try MovieBox or Movie HD App. They both are available on Emulator as well on your App Store.
But the thing this, you can only have limited access to the app and can watch only a small list of Movies and TV Shows. As it’s free, you can enjoy as long as you don’t feel bored of it.

Download Morph TV For PC

Morph TV For PC

It’s hard to say that you will get any update for Desktop from Morph TV. They are not going to cover bigger screens because it’s bit risky for them and cost much to handle multiple platforms at once, the handling is hard.

But if you’re a true lover of streaming you can try alternative methods to get Morph TV for PC.

For Windows

To get this app on Windows you can Download the Emulator, as it’s the only easiest way to grab this app on your Desktop.

Download NoX Player, BlueStacks or YouWave. You can pick any of them, all of these Emulator have its own speciality and unique features.

Open the Emulator and go to web browser and search for the Morph TV App.

Or you can Download it from here and move it your Emulators File Manager.
Now click on the file from the Emulator and Install, It’s same as the Installation Process of Android.

After a while it will be there on your Emulator Screen. You can launch the app and start streaming right from there.

For Mac

When it’s about Mac System, you should have to be careful about these tweaks. Because Mac is design to not let any external source operate your system, and you permit an unauthorized app, can’t cost you a great loss.

So, choose your Emulator wisely. I suggest you to try DosBox or NoxPlayer. They both have good feedback and got positive ratings by the users.

The next step will remain same in every Emulator.

Download the Apk File of Morph TV. Store it to your Emulator File Manager or from where your Emulator can explore it.

Hit install and wait it gets installed.
Open and start Enjoying free Streaming Services.

Morph TV For PC

Download Morph TV For FireStick/Fire TV

Morph TV Apk

If you have FireStick or Fire TV and you want to play your favourite movies on the bigger screen you can pick this app to complete your desire. This app also supports the FireStick/ Fire TV platform, after knowing a little bit of tweak and the app will be available on your Screen.

Setup the FireStick on your Device and Launch it. Go to Settings > My Device > Developer Options. Then, Turn on the ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources options.

Now, Go back to your Home Screen. There will be an option of Search Bar in the Top. Click on that, and search for the Downloader Application.

Once you find this app, Hit Install. It will be installed on your Fire TV.

This app has ability to provide access of various other streaming apps. You just need to allow all the permissions to this Downloader App on your FireTV Device. Don’t forget to Enable JavaScript in the permissions.

After following all these steps, Go to the Home Screen in the Downloader App. Copy and Paste this link in the URL Tab.
Within a while you’ll be redirected on the website from where you can download morph tv app.

Press install and the app will be installed on your FireTV Device within a minute.

To find this app on FireStick/Fire TV, Go To the Home Screen, Click on Apps and the Morph TV will be mentioned there.

Download Morph TV For Chromecast

There is nothing hard in this process, You can easily get this app if you have Chromecast installed in your TV.
Open the Chromecast and search for the nearby devices.

In the same time, Download Google Home Application on your Smartphone and Pair the App with your Chromecast Device.

When you’re done with connecting both devices, Open the Morph TV App and click on the Cast Screen Option. It’s available in the top right corner of the screen, at every page. Click on it and allow it to cast on your Chromecast Screen.

That’s it.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it free?

Yes, you don’t have to spend even a single penny on this app. It’s all free and has a huge collection of latest movies with the torrent option. You can take advantages of all these features for free.

Are Morph and Morpheus different?

Yes, Morpheus is the oldest cousin of Morph TV. Whereas, Morph TV is packed with more functions and features, new movies list and much more. The conclusion is, They both are different from each other but has same developer.

What is Trakt?

If you create an account here, you will get premium support by the team. You can skip this if you don’t want to sign in into the app, this will never force you.

Why Trakt?

If you signin with Trakt in Morph TV App, you can have all the history of your activities and can track your moments. But it isn’t a must-have option, so you can even stream without this if you’re not feeling safe with this.

What is Jailbreak iOS?

Jailbreak is something we call Rooted Device. If this is enabled in your device, you will have unlimited possibilities to customize your device by your own. All the settings of your device is now opened for you, go and change it as per your requirements.

Can I download Morph TV on Windows 8?

Yes, you can have Morph TV For Windows 7/8/8.1/10. You just have to use compatible version of Emulator on the System, rest of the job will be automatically done by the Emulator itself.

Final Words

In the End, I hope you all have got what you was looking for. If still any of you have any doubt or stuck something while installing the app on any device you have, do a comment in below of this post. We will surely assist you as soon as possible.

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