Cartoon HD official apk for android (100% working free download)

Cartoon Hd is the best alternative for showbox right now in market, if you need it for tv shows and anime. The app gives best features and benefits to it’s users. Let’s get in depth review of cartoon hd app.

Here we will discuss about one of the best alternative of showbox for watching free movies and tv shows. This app was launched back in 2010. At that time very less apps were present which provided paid content for free and this is one of them.

cartoon hd apk download

By the first look of the apk, it looks like a cartoon show app by the name cartoon hd but it doesn’t only contain cartoons but also all other shows and movies.

Cartoon Hd Apk download

You can download the apk directly from internet by searching for it. We have also provided the download link in below button. Just download the app and start using it.

Download apk

After clicking on above button, you will get a download page. Just download it from there and start using it.

You should also know the basic features of the app which you can access with it.

Cartoon Hd Apk features

The application has a wide range of exclusive features which take a very long note to describe but let us just make it short and simple.

  • You can download and watch movies which is the main feature of the app. You would be obviously downloading the app for this feature.
  • Multiple languages. Forget about the subtitles, this app has the same shows and movies in different language. Just download the app and watch any show as per your convenience with your native language. There is no need to read the subtitles along watching the show.
  • Mobile in use. This increases the user experience. Sometimes we can’t watch the movies or shows on tv or theatres. Maybe due to lack of time or anything else. At that time you can use the app to watch it from your smartphone.
  • Available for IOS. Most of these type of apps aren’t available for IOS but here this isn’t the problem. You can watch tv shows and movies in your ipad or any ios devices.
  • Small in size. Along with the version 3.0.0, the apk is also of the same size i.e. 3Mb which is handy in use and easy to install.

These were some of the features which make the app unique and useful for all age limits. Any age group can use it according to their convenience, thanks to it’s clean user interface.

Is it available on playstore?

The main question which everyone one asks is about it’s availability on google playstore. The answer is NO.

Cartoon hd app isn’t available on playstore due to some reasons. It gives you paid content for free which is piracy and piracy isn’t allowed on google playstore.

The app doesn’t complies with playstore policies and that is the reason why the app isn’t available on playstore. And this question raises another question. Is it safe to use?

The app is trusted and doesn’t contain any malicious software but the app has pirated content which is against laws. It is the opinion of yourself, whether you want to use it or not.

That’s it all about the cartoon hd app for more details bookmark this page for future updates. Comment below for any query.

How showbox became so famous among users [In-depth story]

There was a time when the paid contents were booming all over the world. Paid media partners such as netflix, hulu were emerging throughout the world for subscription based content partners. Showbox was amongst the first app which provided paid content for free on the internet.

showbox app download

Early success of the showbox apk

It had the same features as of Netflix or Hulu, the only difference was it was totally free to use. The power of speech marketed the app to a whole new level between friends and families. Since it had the features which everyone wanted to you but they were unable because not everyone was willing to pay such a high subscription fees.

Because of having so much better function and such a clean UI. The app was famous in months of the launch. After getting fame, showbox came into the eye of the movie developers.

Since, showbox give the download link of movies which are paid.And because of it the movie developers suffered a loss.

showbox taken down connection error

The destruction of showbox

In 2019, the movie studios banned a number of websites which were promoting showbox apk on their website. after that they also sued the showbox app many times in court.

let me know you showbox is an application which works as a search engine for movies torrent link. It just searches the torrents link which are already available over the internet.

The app was down for weeks due to these circumstances. but even after that many new website emerged which took place of the older one and the app was still promoting over the internet.

Now showbox is up and 100% percent working. It has all the best movies over the internet for free, it also provide TV shows and other entertaining stuff.

If you are a showbox lover then comment below your story with the showbox APK. we would love to hear your past relationship with the showbox app.

If you are new to hear that directly go to the homepage and download the showbox APK now and start enjoying it. For any type of issues regarding the installation, comment below.

If you have any related queries then contact us we will surely help you.

Showbox for firestick : Latest update 100% Working 2019

Showbox for Firestick is becoming popular day by day among smart tv users. This is one of the best gadgets launched in 2014 and is loved by their users. Many of us search for a free alternative of netflix/amazon prime etc., in our daily life. Showbox for firestick is the best option among all of them.

It has all the features a media streaming app should have. The app has all the premium features for free.

Many of you will be thinking how does it works? Showbox is a free app which helps you search for torrent links of movies and TV shows over internet. 

showbox for firestick

The app is always in question about it’s legacy since many copyrights are filed against it but everytime it comes backs as the app just searches and gives you the torrent links of the app and doesn’t store any of them.

The same thing is also found if you search for a movie over any other search engine so no law suites are filed but still the app is illegal to use since movie producers spend millions of $$ and you watch them without any right to do so.

Now, Without wasting any time let’s go to the guide for installing showbox for firestick.

Download showbox for firestick

Below is the download page for downloading the showbox apk on your smart tv. Just go to download page and copy the direct download link and do the below procedure.

Click on the above button and go to download page then copy the download link.

How to Install showbox for firestick

Installing showbox for firestick is little tricky as the app isn’t directly available on your smart tv because of it’s illegal activity.

But we can download it by following the below procedure.

First of all turn on you smart tv  and open it’s settings as shown below.

showbox for firestick

Click on the device option to go to settings.

After that allow the unknown sources so that you can install a third party app on your smart tv.

how to install showbox for firestick

Now, allow the javascript and settings and go to downloader as shown below.

showbox firestick

Click on the yes option as in the screenshot above.

In the downloader paste the direct download link of the  apk which is given below:

Go to above link and copy the download link from the button.

Paste that link in the downloader of your smart tv and the download should start.

After downloading the apk, just click on the app and start installing it on your smart tv.

By doing this procedure, you can easily install showbox for firestick for free.

For more details about showbox visit our homepage. You can also go to our other pages for more details.

Is showbox free to use?

Yes, the app is completely free to download and use. It gives you all the features of premium apps like netflix or prime video.

There are some ads present in the app which helps them to continue running the server. If you want then you can check our best alternatives of showbox or you can say apps like showbox.

Is showbox app legal to use?

The app is completely free and doesn’t own any distributing rights for the shows and movies. Actually the app is shown as a search engine for movies and TV shows but it isn’t so. The app just imitates to be so to don’t get into legal problems. 

The app isn’t legal to use and user is solely responsible for any harm caused to him/her.We just give latest updates about the app and all the links provided here are just for educational purposes.

This was all about the latest version showbox app for firestick. If you need further details then comment below. If you are getting any errors while installing the app then inform use. We will help you as soon as possible.

Comment below if you have any query or suggestions. Thanks for reading out.

What happened to showbox apk: Why it was down?

Showbox apk is mostly unavailable on most the biggest websites of it. This was for a reason which will be delivered here for you to get knowledge about it.

showbox apk
showbox apk news

Showbox is a free application to surf and download movies and tv shows over internet without paying a penny.

The app was launched some years ago and was went viral due to it’s amazing features and clean user-interface. But from last 2-3 weeks, the app is in news.

You can check twitter which is flooded by posts of showbox. The app has been in news from last some days. Many big websites has wrote about it.

Showbox apk will go down?

It’s all on the developers of the app. You can get latest details of the app news on their twitter handle. By the latest update, it has been clear that it won’t be down in near future. But you can bookmark us to get the latest news about it.

Want to get alternatives of the showbox apk? click here now!

The app is illegal to use and has many flaws due to which we don’t encourage it’s download and installation. Many big websites which were distributing the showbox apk has been shut down.

Recently, one more movie streaming app i.e. Moviebox went down and finally the app developers have confirmed that they are shutting down the app.

Terrarium TV was one of the biggest competitor of showbox but after the terrarium app shut down, showbox leaded the market with monopoly. It had got a huge fame after that.

The big websites which were distributing showbox apk had shown a warning message on their home page for the users which you can read in details on our previous post of connection error from here.

The application was also down for almost 1 week after which it was back in game with a new update. During the showbox apk conntection error, the users at twitter went furious about what happened to the showbox apk. 

Wrapping Up

Even after the update, the showbox apk is illegal to use. Anybody using the app will be sued from the movie studios sooner or later.

The user is self responsible for any harm caused to it. We just provide the details about latest showbox apk and their news and updates.

We don’t support piracy and illegal activity on this website. If any of the users have any issue with the content then please comment below or contact us. we will surely help you out.

Apps like showbox (Alternatives) December 2018

Showbox is one of the best apps in the market for viewing paid content for free but as it is down from some many days you would be searching for apps like showbox in the market. Here we will be discussing it in detail.

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