Cartoon HD official apk for android (100% working free download)

Cartoon Hd is the best alternative for showbox right now in market, if you need it for tv shows and anime. The app gives best features and benefits to it’s users. Let’s get in depth review of cartoon hd app.

Here we will discuss about one of the best alternative of showbox for watching free movies and tv shows. This app was launched back in 2010. At that time very less apps were present which provided paid content for free and this is one of them.

cartoon hd apk download

By the first look of the apk, it looks like a cartoon show app by the name cartoon hd but it doesn’t only contain cartoons but also all other shows and movies.

Cartoon Hd Apk download

You can download the apk directly from internet by searching for it. We have also provided the download link in below button. Just download the app and start using it.

Download apk

After clicking on above button, you will get a download page. Just download it from there and start using it.

You should also know the basic features of the app which you can access with it.

Cartoon Hd Apk features

The application has a wide range of exclusive features which take a very long note to describe but let us just make it short and simple.

  • You can download and watch movies which is the main feature of the app. You would be obviously downloading the app for this feature.
  • Multiple languages. Forget about the subtitles, this app has the same shows and movies in different language. Just download the app and watch any show as per your convenience with your native language. There is no need to read the subtitles along watching the show.
  • Mobile in use. This increases the user experience. Sometimes we can’t watch the movies or shows on tv or theatres. Maybe due to lack of time or anything else. At that time you can use the app to watch it from your smartphone.
  • Available for IOS. Most of these type of apps aren’t available for IOS but here this isn’t the problem. You can watch tv shows and movies in your ipad or any ios devices.
  • Small in size. Along with the version 3.0.0, the apk is also of the same size i.e. 3Mb which is handy in use and easy to install.

These were some of the features which make the app unique and useful for all age limits. Any age group can use it according to their convenience, thanks to it’s clean user interface.

Is it available on playstore?

The main question which everyone one asks is about it’s availability on google playstore. The answer is NO.

Cartoon hd app isn’t available on playstore due to some reasons. It gives you paid content for free which is piracy and piracy isn’t allowed on google playstore.

The app doesn’t complies with playstore policies and that is the reason why the app isn’t available on playstore. And this question raises another question. Is it safe to use?

The app is trusted and doesn’t contain any malicious software but the app has pirated content which is against laws. It is the opinion of yourself, whether you want to use it or not.

That’s it all about the cartoon hd app for more details bookmark this page for future updates. Comment below for any query.

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