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123movies is one of the best websites to download and watch free movies on Internet. It was called as the world’s most popular illegal site by Motion pictures back in march 2018. It still remains the most searched movie streaming website on Google and many other popular search engines. Let’s talk more about the 123movies website in this guide.

The website 123movies was first launched under the URL 123movies.to on october 2015 but due to some legal issues, It was shut down. Many clones were made later on such as Gomovies, 123movies.ish, 123movies.movie, gostream.is, memovies.to etc.,

It also has the record of most used pirate website on october 2016 in UK as well as US. There are some stats which you can read to know it’s popularity amongst the users all over the world.

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Amazing stats about 123movies


According to Alexa 123movies has more than 10 million traffic per month and has a ranking of 63k in the world. It also holds 73k rank in US. Most of it’s traffic is from United states, United Kingdom, India, Philippines.

It only holds 33% of it’s traffic from searches while the rest of 66% is direct traffic which gives the impression of popularity of the website.

How does 123movies work

The website works on a simple model i.e. It searches for the torrent links of the movies and videos from the internet and adds it to their download links. Whenever any user searches for the movie, they go to 123movies and click on the download button and then they are redirected to the torrent links.

They host almost all the movies of last 2 decades i.e. 1999-2019 . As soon as the movies would come to theatres, They would be launched on the website too. This created a mess for the movie studios which also became the cause of the end of 123movies.

Movies studios filed many cases against the website developers which can be read on the wikipedia page of 123movies.

After running for 4years without any competition in the market. They single handedly ran the movie streaming website and then it came to an end after the movie studios sue out the website developers.

Many clones were made during the time interval to provide movies and tv shows to the users but all in vain. The website ended serving on 15th march 2018.

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Best Alternatives for 123movies

123movies features which you might love

123movies features

  • It has a large variety of resolutions to download movies. You can watch in HD Cam Rip or even in 4k video resolution. Most of the movies are uploaded in Bluray resolutions which is said to be the best resolution for videos.
  • Many clones are made of the website which can be searched by the users. Even after the demolition of the 123movies.to by the movie studios. It has it’s clones running all over which serves to millions of users.
  • It has a 1 click Download option. You don’t have to wait for downloading the movie.
  • Minimal ads – Thanks to it’s large user-base, They show minimal ads as they earn enough from them to run the servers.
  • Theatre mode – The theatre mode blackens the screen and gives the best experience while watching your favorite shows.
  • You don’t have to signup or pay any subscription fees to use the website. Everything is fully free which is the reason of it’s popularity all over the world.

How to download free movies and tv series

123movies best Alternatives

To download the movies or shows on your smartphone, follow the steps given below.

  • Go to any of the clone website of 123movies or you can download the showbox apk which is the apk version similar to it.
  • After launching, Search for the show in the search bar.
  • Click to check the resolution on the lower right side of the screen with the download button icon.
  • Now, Add a subtitle language which is familiar to you.
  • Download the show according to your convenience or watch it online from the website.
  • You can also watch it in the app through the inbuilt video player.

If you have any issues regarding it then please comment below.

Is it safe to download & watch pirated content?

is 123movies safe to use

Pirated content is never safe to watch. Movie studios work for months to launch a single movie or TV series and you should show some respect to them by watching it in your nearest movie theatres or by paying for it through legitimate streaming websites like netflix or amazon prime video.

By watching or downloading pirated content, You are inviting legal issues. These websites are usually banned by your ISPs and still many people use VPNs to watch them. If you are new to VPN then let’s get a brief idea about it.

What is a VPN?

A VPN(Virtual private network) is a network that is made by connecting company proxies with the users. They tunnel the IP addresses of a user to show them different from the original one. VPNs are available for free as well as paid versions.

The free versions can easily be detected and usually they don’t work. There are paid version which work fluently and get the job done. In layman language, A VPN hides your IP and masks it to some other IP to show you as a different user.

It helps to operate websites which are banned by our ISPs. I hope you have got a brief idea about it. Let’s don’t forget our topic and learn more about it.

Can I fall into legal issues?

Yes! If you use or operate the pirated websites or apps, it can lead to legal issues. Mostly, Users don’t get into any serious problem but we should always be on a safer side and shouldn’t use these types of websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the FAQs which might arise in your minds. If you have any other questions apart from it then you can comment below.

What is the real website of 123movies?

123movies.to is the website which was launched first on october 2015 but it is not functioning now. You can search for it’s clones on the internet. Some of it’s working clones are:

  • 123movies.is
  • Gomovies.com
  • Gomovies.is
  • memovies.me
  • Fmovies

There are also some apps in the market which provides similar features which are listed below:

These are some of the working links of the websites and apps on the internet.

Why 123movies is not working?

The website has been shut down on march 2018 due to copyright cases by the movie studios. A criminal investigation has also been raised against it to stop the cloning of the websites and to stop it from root. There are many clones of it which are present over the internet.

Should I download movies from it?

You should never use these websites to download movies or TV series. You can always download it from legitimate websites present on the internet.

If you still want to download it from here then please use VPNs to hide your real IP address.

Thankyou for reading, Please comment below for any query. We love to hear from our users.

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