Showbox latest 5.5 version leaked details

Showbox is one of the best app for movies and tv shows present right now on internet. The vast features available in it are killer and they aren’t found in any other app in it’s competition. All of these went possible due to the hardwork of the showbox developers. They worked day and night to make it one of the best in it’s market.

A new version of the showbox is going to launch on early october which is probably the version 5.5 and it is much hyped because some of the best features, it is going to have. There are some leaks roaming around for the showbox new version which is going to launch.

Leaked updates of showbox v5.5

We are here to tell you about the recent leaks of the new showbox which is still under development. First off all let’s check some basic things about the app.


Showbox is basically an app which searches latest videos on internet which are in demand by it’s users. The app searches for them over internet to give it for free. We get the download links from it and can directly download it from there without any hassle. But from last sometimes it was down due to the question hanging on it about it’s legality.

The app came back in last march 2019 but the latest app doesn’t searches for the links and gives direct download link for the movies etc., which is clearly seen as piracy and these pirated content are not good to use. The app developers have all the user data and can give it to movie studios if they are asked for it.

Due to these specific reasons many of us get afraid to use it but a large amount of user base still uses it. We don’t recommend you to use it but at the end it’s your decision and we can’t change it.

Here we will only discuss about the latest leaked new of the showbox. The latest leaked updates which are going to come in version 5.5 are listed below:

  • The latest version is going to be a big update for showbox.
  • Version 5.5 is going to have hardware acceleration which is been tested in android 6.0 and above.
  • Showbox is mainly for android users but after a long time, the developers are tending towards ios users.
  • There will be voice search option in the latest ios app. It will also get all the updates which are found in the android apk version right now.

What about the android users?

So, basically the latest big update is mainly for IOS since many of the users of showbox are IOS users. 30% of the users of the app come from IOS which could be the reason of it’s interest in those users.

This doesn’t mean that the developers have forgot their beloved android users and we will see many future updates of it in the app.

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