Showbox 5.4.2

Showbox is a free to air application with some stunning features. Do you love watching movies? OR TV Shows? then this is the right choice for you. You can watch live videos of most of the viral channels available. This app has best features amongst all the movie streaming apps. It is one of the most searched free movie streaming apk on bing also.

The latest version is v5.4.2 is having some small fixations like bug fixes and live video streaming feature which will be discussed in detail below.

showbox apk

The latest showbox apk is free to use without any subscription fees or any other hidden fees. Many of you will be thinking that how does the app works?

The showbox apk is just a scraper which scrapes links of the most watched movies and tv shows from  internet and shows it to you.

Latest updates in showbox v5.4.2

In the latest update, There are very less features added but they are of very much use.

  • Minor bug fixes such as download button not showing etc.,
  • Bug fixation of connection error.
  • Now, You can stream live videos in it.
  • You need stable connection for live video streaming.
  • In live video streaming, very less channel are added but more channels will be added in further updates.

Download & Install showbox apk v5.4.2

To download the latest version showbox apk, follow the steps given below.

  • Download showbox v5.4.2
  • You should have a good internet speed to download it fastly.
  • The apk is under 50mb on internet.
  • To stream live videos you need better & stable internet connection.
  • Click on the install icon and install the apk on your smartphone.
  • It might tell you to free up some space to install and working of it properly.

This is all about the latest version update. If you want more details & information about the app then reach us at our contact us page.

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