FMovies Latest Free Movies Streaming – Safe to use or not in 2020

If you’re looking for a website that can let you stream free movies without downloading then Fmovies is the best option for you. YouTube, Netflix, and various other platforms are now delivering movie streaming access to the users, but most of them are paid and have only limited content. At FMovies, you have probably infinity counts of Movies and TV Series which are ready to play for free.

You can watch Hollywood & Bollywood movies, British TV Series and much more. Change the quality resolutions to make the content more realistic and clear to see.

What is FMovies?

fmovies streaming

Fmovies is an online website that has thousands of movies on it which are freely available for stream. It’s an online platform so you don’t have to download anything to stream contents. Just visit the website and start surfing your favorite content right from there. It also has many more features like screen casting and high-quality videos.

You can look through the overview of the movies before start streaming. This was you’ll get an idea about the genre and about the storyline of it. This can save your time from wasting it on a worthless movie. Check IMDB Ratings, Star Ratings and users feedback first. You will find a number of movies with the same genre of your interest, just search for the one file and you’ll get bonus suggestions of same type.

Is it safe using Fmovies?

Yes, You don’t have to worry about anything, it’s safe here. It seems fine as it’s been running for 3 years now and never face any issue before. On the safe side, you don’t need to register on this website, you can stream even without having an account on FMovies.
It’s sharing pirated movies first on the Internet which is sort of illegal and unfair with the content creators. To keep your security on your own I suggest you use a VPN while you wish to stream anything on this website.

You must have to face a dozen ads but there’s no malware on this website which can cause any harm to your device. Ads are the only source for the developers to make money through this website, you have to deal with ads, as you’re getting the rest of everything for free.

Working FMovies Website Links

fmovies website

Fmovies has more than 10+ working websites at this point in time, they all are working with different names on different servers. In case anything bad happens to them, they can seek help from other working domains.
If any website got blocked or gets any legal issue, viewers still have the option to stream movies from other web addresses of Fmovies.

Due to some technical issues and piracy report, some of its old web-addresses are blocked at many locations. Here is the list of all working links which are available 24/7 and anybody can stream through it.


It was the first domain address introduced by the fmovies team, currently it’s down because of some reasons.

But there are many alternative web addresses are available on the Internet which can be used to stream movies.
This website holds a huge collection of Movies and TV Shows, the UI is too smooth that you’ll find everything in front of you, no need to rush for anything. It will be visible in front of you from the very first, or you can search for it from the above search option.

Most of the new features are introduced here, in this website. Search bar was added and tested here for the very first time.

It’s the current working website of FMovies, it looks a bit different because they changed the interface totally with a new one.

Now, you just have to search for movies from the search movies box and you’ll get your result. It’s acting like a Search Engine, it crawls other streaming websites or check own database and deliver you the positive result.
Night mode is added for people who stays online in late night, this can keep your eyes protected from brightening lights and colors.

You can also get back the old version of Fmovies, there’s an option just below the search bar to redirect back to the old version. There you’ll find lists and thumbnails of movies and you have to decide what you should watch.

A well-optimized website for movies and shows, earlier you have to find movies by your own, but here, you’ll get options and categories. Top IMDB Movies, Monthly Hits and Most Watched type of sections are available in this website to let the user know what’s in trending and what movies he should have to watch.
You can also search for movies by your own, or take help form the navigation bar options which will show you the total list of TV Shows & Movies.

Along with this, Now you can also watch live news and sports videos which are on broadcast or recently got live on the Internet.

It lasted longer than any other web address of FMovies, it is still alive at many locations but majority of countries had blocked this URL.

It was mainly designed for the world-wide streaming and can be accessed from any corner of the world. The server was dedicated and distribute IP’s were floating all around the world to keep to updated with the website and the movies.

Not only streaming, you can also download videos and full movie from the same link. Just find the correct button, and you can start downloading your movies.

Quality options are also available while you’re going to stream or download any movie from the FMovies Website.

12 Best Alternative to FMovies

fmovies alternative

It’s been running for many years that’s why it has broken links and it’s hard to update all of them regularly. In this case, I suggest you seek an alternative to Fmovies. There are many, which can serve you 100% live links for streaming with many more features.

Amazon Prime

prime videos

As we know Amazon is now offering free access to stream movies and TV Shows if you have Amazon Prime Subscription. It’s a budget subscription and let you use this account for both shopping and streaming.

It has a huge library of TV Series of multiple countries and available in multiple audio too. You can also enable subtitles on the video if it seems hard to understand just by voice, Prime Videos has many more good features like you can cast this account on your any device which does have Web Browser installed on it.

Prime Videos is the first primary choice if you’ve decided to try alternative to FMovies, As it’s legal and authorized by Amazon itself. Apart from this, Prime Videos is available on all platforms, Android, iOS and Desktop. You can stream movies from any device, or on multiple too if you own a premium account.



Vumoo is an online website that doesn’t have any parent company or sponsor to promote, but the developers are doing their job extremely good and serving more than a million people daily.

It has only two variety of contents, Movies, and TV Series. But the list is long enough to keep to happy for long, with fewer ads and no pop-up windows, Vumoo is current users’ first choice over free streaming.

The interface of vumoo is just lit, you’ll never feel lost or miss anything on this website. It has simple and clear navigation system which let the users pick their favourite content in instant.

Not only android or Desktop, you can use this website from your iOS Device too. The only thing you need before visiting this website is an AdBlocker, to keep your iOS from unwanted malwares and auto-install apps.

In addition, It isn’t considered as a pirated website who holds movies on host, it’s a search engine for movies. Which delivers you the content on the behalf of link providers and your request. Overall, It’s a safe ground to stay.



Another website for the same, no log-in is required to watch movies. You can freely visit this website and enjoy any content you like. Also, there are no premium account plans or any paid subscription system here, feel free while you’re using this website.

MoviesJoy is popular for Old Classic Movies, it has a pretty good list of old movies. If you’re an old-time movie lover, it can be the best option for you to spend your free time.

You can watch all available movies in HD Quality, or set it by own if you’re out of data. It serves you an unintruppted experience of streaming, no ads, no surveys, no buffering and no registration. A free-end website, just for quick streaming.



FreeFlix has an app too, you can stream movies from there app or website, as per your choice. They both are tuned with same server and has same options to deliver. App is quite is handy for android users, on the other hand, on website you have to face a lots of pop-up ads.

It offers public a huge library of movies, a whole collection of Marvel and DC movies. You can explore all those movies with just one click, no need to rush on Google for the names or order of watching, FreeFlix made this very clear to the viewers.

The part of FreeFlix is, It can be streaming from various other platforms like FireStick and Chromecast devices. You just have to do some tweaks with the apps, you can check our recent posts about the guide to how to install free streaming apps on FireTV/FireStick.


watchfree to

The name itself explains the nature of the website, WatchFree is offering free streaming of movies and shows. If you’re an addict of movies and complete a whole series in a single night and hunt for new movies every night. Then WatchFree can help you in hunting movies for you, it can suggest you the best movies of your favorite genre, not just only one, it will serve you a list of movies with the same interest as yours.

It has pretty good algorithms in exploring content by picking up the recently watched contents.

You can also try finding some worthy TV Shows or Movies from the Weekly Hits, Monthly 30 or All-Time Great Movies list. These lists can be market into a watchlist to schedule your streaming routine.



CMoviesHD is raking in many countries, as it’s offering free streaming access to many countries. It has more than 10+ countries on the list, including the USA, UK & India. If you love watching movies with Tamil, Telugu languages then CMoviesHD holds a pretty good list of movies.

The movies are filtered into the sections according to the genre. If you’re a fan of Comedy movies, you can have a quick list of all comedy movies just with a single click. There are many more genres you can play with, Horror, Action, Thriller & Comedy.

Apart from this, CMoviesHD has a couple of link providers that keeps the viewers’ stay in reach and don’t face any broken link. If you found any broken link, you can continue with the alternative link. Mirror links are always mentioned for each and every content of the website.



If you’re looking to download movies then YesMovies can help you in this, as it is also serving download links to the users. But the thing which can annoy you is ads, it’s bit spammed with ads.

The interface is simple and options are visible on the front screen, along with the ads. To get rid of ads you can use AdBlocker. There is no problem if you seek for help from an AdBlocker.

This way you can stream your favorite content without ads, and also download any file easily. The series are divided into four major countries, United States & China is the first priority for this app to serve. You can stream from any country, there is no restrictions on that.

YesMovies has more than 20 genres to pick contents from, also, The developers has launched the Official app for YesMovies too. If you’re not happy with the website, you can try YesMovies App.



As I’m from India and I always look for Bollywood Movies or Hindi Dubbed Movies, Movie4u for is the best option for people like me. Indian Movies also has multiple languages, like, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Malayalam. And here, you will find of them.

Movie4u has one of the bigger database of Hindi Movies and Hindi Dubbed movies, you can search for any movies and I can bet you’ll get an exact result. In case, you didn’t found your movie you can ask from the team to make it upload on the website, just send them a mail and they’ll surely work on it.

Movie4u doens’t have any long list of other languages, but you can still find some worthy movies to engage. There is a separate fanbase available for Bollywood, Hollywood and Dubbed Movies.



YoMovies holds a vast collection of movies and TV series. Mainly it’s focusing on Indian Bollywood based contents, you can grab Tamil, Telugu and Bollywood movies easily with the help of YoMovies Website. YoMovies is getting most of the fame from India, as it’s sharing Bollywood & Tollywood movies in large quantity. Which are available for both streaming and downloading.
You can download whole movie, click on the download button and it will start downloading with just one-click.
Bollywood movies, TV Series and dubbed movies are available in HQ resolution. Enjoy HD videos and movies with the help of YoMovies.



An app with same playlist as Netflix, LookMovie claims that it’s sharing more content than Netflix. This app doesn’t have ads, your browsing interface will be the first thing the Developers take care of. That’s why you don’t see any ads here.

LookMovie has several functions which is not available in majority of streaming websites, The Dashboard which holds the list of all upcoming movies and newly released contents. This can remind you of your old history, If you’re waiting for any Season or Next Part of any movies, you’ll get notified right from there.

This might ask you to complete survey, you can skip them. It’s not must-do task, you can just bypass and get back to the track and enjoy your free streaming experience with LookMovies.



You can easily search for any Series, LookMovies is packed with almost every possible series you’ve ever heard of. There no download option for the content, so, don’t fall for fake buttons. They’re just ads, which will redirect you to an another page and repeat the vicious circle.

The website is very clean and main job of this website is searching for the movies, You can say it’s a sort of Search Engine for Movies. The interface is almost same with FMovies, and the name too, BMovies.

You can consider it as a clone of FMovie or a same-face website with additional features. To find the article you can also take helo from the A-Z List. It will show you a whole list of all movies and series according to Alphabets series in ascending order.



Stream free movies directly from your browser, no need to sign-in or download any app. Just browse the Moonline Website and start enjoying free movies and tv series.

Moonline is famous for updating regular contents, you’ll find all new movies on this website within the 15 days of release. The quality will be superior in compare of any other websites content, Print of the Movie will be mentioned in the Description, Theatre Print or HD Quality Prints are two common formats.

It’s a kind of video sharing website, which do require an account if you’re going to watch couple of movies, as you might need features like watchlist or bookmark. These are available for users only, you can still stream for free if you’re okay just with the content.

In the end, I hope you guys have found the perfect alternative for the FMovies, there are many more websites available on the Internet with bizarre features but I’ve gathered only these few websites as they have sleek interface and clean website which is easy-to-understand and handy features.


So these are the few alternative to FMovies, Hope you guys have enjoyed my work and give this post a thumbs up if you really did.

If you know some other websites with the same features but I forgot to mention here, ping us with the name in the comment box.

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