Showbox app: Taken down? connection error

Showbox is a free app to watch online tv shows and movies over the internet for free. This app was running fine from last many years due to which it was famous among all of us. From last 1 week, the app is down and it is showing connection error! please check your internet connection.

showbox app
Showbox app connection error

This is due to the law suits filed by the movie studios on various apk provider websites and the developers due to which it has been taken down.

latest update about showbox connection error

According to latest update about the connection error which many people are getting nowadays.

The app is again up and working fine and you can download it from here. You won’t get any connection error after updating the app from our website.

The connection error was from last some days but it is back to normal and it is running good.

Showbox Apk Taken Down?

The answer is probably yes! The app which served their users from last so many years has been finally down.

You can check more details about the app on our homepage.

You can’t use it anymore on your android smartphone. The latest showbox apk as it is down and you will get an error saying connection error! please check your internet connection.

You can see the screenshot below to get an idea of it:

showbox connection error

This is what you can see in the latest version showbox app.

Many big websites have been sued by movie studios for providing this apk and they also have been taken down.

You can see the last message written on those websites.

showbox taken down connection error

It states that showbox is not a legitimate software to watch copyrighted content.

This app is not worth the trouble but you can still use applications with proper viewing rights to watch your favorite TV shows & movies.

Would you like it if you are enjoying your daily dose of entertainment and your doorbell rings with cops on the other side?

I don’t think so. that’s why it is shown that it is not worth the trouble.

We don’t promote Showbox app here and it is just an informative website about where the showbox apk has gone.

If you have any problems regarding the content uploaded here then please contact us and we will co-operate with you.

We don’t encourage any illegal activity including watching copyrighted content over the internet.

Users are solely responsible for the risk they are going to invite by downloading this app. We are just providing the info for it to give them the knowledge.

Many of you will be getting showbox connection error and you would be thinking why it is happening. So here is all you have to know about it.

Showbox connection error

The app is showing connection error – please check your internet connections. This is due to the servers of the apk are shut down.

The application is no longer valid and you can’t use it as it is.

The app which was providing paid content for free from last so many years is finally down. This had to happen in the near future since it is illegal to do so.

Will the app be back live?

The answer is no! Personally, we don’t think the app will be back in the game and even if it does so. You shouldn’t download this app.

As downloading and installing Showbox is illegal and you might get charged by legal issues due to it. Better you should go with the famous quote: ” Prevention is better than cure ”

Hope this would be informative about the Showbox app connection error. If you have any further queries then comment below we will help you out.