Showbox APK – Download Showbox v11.6 for Android [Official]

Showbox v11.6 is launched and it is now available to the public for use. It has some major bug fixes which were being ignored from last some updates.

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Showbox v11.6 Apk

While the latest update might seem to be similar to the last version as no major UI changes are given but some important fixes are given along with many new hidden features.

The latest version of showbox has 3 main hidden features in the app which are given below:

Hidden feature #1

The v11.6 update has an awesome feature which might only be visible to users with a keen eye. There is a special feature for TV users which is the “Top dvd & streaming” option. It shows you all the top movies which were sold as DVDs and streamed on it. It gives you a variety of old movies which are hard to find anywhere else.

Hidden feature #2

Now you can filter your searches with more than 1 filter. Earlier you could only filter based on IMDb ratings & year of release.

Now you can filter your searches with rotten tomatoes ratings, IMDb ratings, Year of release, Genre, & Resolution too.It is an awesome feature for those who want to watch some specific films.

Hidden feature #3

Now you can have a personalised watchlist which can be hidden from others by directly clicking on the logout button. You can always get back your watchlist once you login with your account details.

ShowBox Apk download

How to install the latest Showbox v11.6 Apk?

To download the the latest version, Click on the below download button and the download will get started. Once you download the apk, Follow the below steps.

   Download v11.6 Apk

Once you download the Apk, Click on the downloaded apk which will be present in your downloads section. If you are getting a notification alerting you that the apk might be harmful for your device then you can simply ignore it.

This notification basically comes for any apk which is downloaded from the internet.


Here are some commons frequently asked questions and their answers for our beloved users.

Is showbox connection error been solved?

Yes! the connection error which was showing in the app has been solved after the latest update.

You can download the latest V11.5 version from above. It is free to download.

Is it legal to use?

No! The app is still against copyright laws and you can be sued for using it.

You can download it for educational purposes from above. We don’t promote showbox apk. We just update the users about the latest updates of showbox app.

My app is still not running!

The app is running and you can download it from above. If you are still getting errors then uninstall the current version of the apk.

Then download the apk uploaded above and install it.

I am not able to install the latest version apk!

You may get errors while installing the apk if you have not allowed the installation from unknown sources.

Kindly refer to the Android installation procedure section to get the complete guide for installing the showbox apk.

These were some of the FAQs about the latest working apk, if you are still getting any errors or need any help then comment below for assistance.

We will love to help you out. This website doesn’t promote the app and it just gives the latest information about the app features & updates.

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