Mobdro Apk Download For Android, iOS and Windows

Download Mobdro Apk For Android, iOS and Windows – In a world where viewers struggle to get free movies to stream, you can have a huge collection of it, In front of your screen. A simple App can make this job done for you, All you need an app named Mobdro Apk.

Mobdro has ability to influence people who are enthusiast of watching Movies and TV Shows online on the Internet. It comes up with a huge collection of movies, as well as live channels and sports videos.

It’s more than just an app, it has couple of extras like Podcast and Live Streaming of Games, and much more. Mobdro Apk cover almost every possible genre for the public.

There are many apps available in this same field but no other app can chase Mondro. As it’s the growing app and crossed the 10+ Million Downloads in recent. So, you can get an idea about the services and the quality of the App.

What is Mobdro?

Mobdro Apk

Mobdro is a streaming app but it shares a lot more than just Movies and TV Channels, It’s packed with many other video contents like Sports, Gaming and Technology Solutions.

Mobdro starts with a pleasant UI and has specific options for each and every genre of content, This includes many live streaming videos and channels.

All these contents are freely available on the app and anybody can stream or listen to it, even you can save it offline. There’s no hidden charges for any of its services.

Why Mobdro Apk?

Mobdro Apk

Nobody has enough money to spend a bulk of extra bucks over the paid subscriptions of TV Services. And, If you can have all these streaming services for free then why would you pay? Mobdro App serves you all the Entertainment on your Screen, without asking for any subscription.

You can blindly go for Mobdro and save your pocket from the burn. Not only this, You will also get many other options along with this app which you might haven’t imagined before.

You can count of Save Offline, Cast Screen and You also get Download option to keep the content stored in your device, and watch them later when you’re out of startion or don’t have Internet Connection.


Now you might have a few questions floating over your mind about the fun-facts and Features of Mobdro Apk. Let’s explore some of its highlight.


As I said, there is no need to pay any fee, as it’s a free streaming app and doesn’t have any subscription-based system. You can watch any content on this app for free and the charges will remain zero.


There is no problem of ads, you can skip the ads or vanish it from the app just by accepting their terms. They’re too handy with this and never bother you again if you don’t want to see any ads in future.


If doesn’t have a huge variety of options, you can pick any of them, as per your choice and taste. It has Movies, Series, Sports, Gaming, Podcast and Live TV Channels. You can with any of them and spend good time over streaming the content.


It also has Download button to save the contents Offline, you can add upto 5 contents at a time for downloading. They’ll be stored in your Mobdro Downloads Tab, one after one.
These downloaded files will be available for 90 days, and can be seen multiple times.


This is a new option, from where you can directly connect yourself to the Live Streamings or Broadcasting Videos which are Live. This also includes Sports and TV Channels content because they do have live scenes and shows to watch.

Favorite Tab

You can mark your favourite contents or the current list of movies on which you’re working, By this you can see what’s next to watch plan for it. This is a sort of to-do-list or the remark where you can add movies which you liked most.

No Login

There is no need to register on this app, you can surf anonymously all the contents and videos from Mobdro. As it’s not a subscription-based app you don’t really need to create an account.


You don’t have to face any lag or expired line issues because the Mobdro has multiple link providers and servers on which the content is hosted. The app doesn’t have any of its own storage but has a pretty good connection with the link providers.

Search Option

To make any search or find your native Shows or Movies with just one click. It will explore all the contents and find you a relevant result for you, just enter the correct query and the rest of the work will be automatically be done by Mobdro itself.



Download Mobdro Apk For Android

Mobdro Apk For Android

Majority of people use Android and the developers loves creating such unique apps for Android OS because it’s easy to test their and there are billions of users who can share their experiences and feedbacks for future updates.

Still, there are many other platforms exist and they also have plenty of users and people with same intrest. So, the keep reading the post and we will share the Mobdro App for almost every platform we could, and the installation process.

For Android, You can download Mobdro from third-party websites like ours. Because this app isn’t available on Play Store, As the app holds streaming links and it’s against their policy.

But there’s nothing to be worried about, you can still download modbro app from the below button.

Mobdro Apk Download

Install Mobdro Apk On Android

To grab this app on your Android you should have to follow these simple steps, In the given order so you won’t feel stuck somewhere. This app can be easily found on the Internet, You won’t get this app in Google Play because of some circumstances.

First of all you have to Enable the Unknown Sources Option. You can find this option in your Phone Settings, Go there, scroll down to Security. In there, you’ll get an option named “Unknown Sources”, Mark it.

Now, Go back to your Downloaded Apk File and Hit Install Button.
It will take a few minutes to extract the packages and install the app on your Device.

Once you’re done installing the app, You can open the app and start streaming.
There is no other step to follow, no registration or nothing more than this is required. That’s all from your end.

Install Mobdro App For iOS

Mobdro App For iOS

Android might have more audience but iOS devices also has millions of users, and the benefits can’t make any partiality in between sharing services.

But the fact is, Developers of Mobdro has no such thing to keep the iOS users Entertained. All you can do is Go for an Another Similar app or use Emulator to grab up this app for your iOS Device.

Let’s start with Emulator. There are many Emulators but NoX has been ranking on top from many years and received positive ratings everytime.

Download NoX Player, You will easily find this Emulator on the Internet.
Once you find the Emulator, Install it.
Open the Emulator and Go to the Default Web Browser and Search for Mobdro App.

Or you can visit our website and download the app from the below mentioned button. In both ways you’ll get the same app and latest version.
It’s up to you, how you feel easy.

After getting the app, Hit Download button and it will be downloaded on your Emulator within a few moments.

Now you can install it on your Emulator, and it will be visible on there only.

You won’t find this app on your Menu or in your App list of Apple System Apps. It can be accessible from the Emulator only.

Not feeling good with this option, or its a bit hard to understand? You can follow the other one, it will surely heal you.

Mobdro Alternatives

Go for Mobdro Alternatives, You’ll surely get some. There are many, available for iOS too. You might not get all those features you get in Mobdro, but enough to satisfy your Entertainment quota.

MovieBox & ShowBox can be the best pick if you’re looking forward to rush for the same. I prefer these two apps because I had tried these both apps personally and the experience was quote okay with streaming and interface.

They both has quite same interface and options to settle you down, they aren’t legal to use, yet they haven’t got any complaints so you can go along with these app until they shut down permanently.

Download Mobdro App For PC

Mobdro For PC

If you own a desktop then probably you have dream to watch movies on it or any Series which you want to enjoy again or don’t want to miss the first-sight impression because you don’t have any subscription of paid apps which supports desktop platform. Then I’m here to help you, with my guidance you can Download and Install Mobdro Apk on PC.

The first and the famous method is Emulator, you can find this as a backup plan on any platform you want to.
It’s available at every level and can easily help you in this case, if you want to install any Android app on your desired platform.

In this Case I suggest you to Go with BlueStacks or YouWave. They both have same interface as the current version of Android, You will find it handy can understand easily how to use the Emulator.

You need the apk File of Mobdro first in this case, you can download it from the above buttons. Or from the outside Internet.

Store or keep the file safe, somewhere Emulator can easily dig in.

Now install the Emulator and Open it
Go to the File Manager Option and Search for the Apk File. It will take you to the destination of the Apk file.

Right click and choose install option and hit enter.

It will start installing the app and take a couple of minutes to gather all the packages.

After the installation process it will start appearing on your Emulator Home Screen. You can open the app from there and whenever you want to stream anything you can use this app. Just come to your Emulator and use the app, as long as you want to.

Download Mobdro App For Mac

Mac users don’t have much options in compare of Windows because it has strong security and Mac don’t allow any third-party app to take over their system.

When there’s a wish, there will be a way too. You can also download Mobdro For Mac but you have to follow some simple steps, or you can say some tweaks which can make this possible to install Mobdro on your Desktop.

DosBox is the best Emulator for Mac Computers, as they’re packed with encrypted security and has only limited access of options.

If you have Mac Device and wish to grab this app for your Desktop then its is only one method you can try.

The procedure is same as always, Open the Emulator and Search for the Apk File of Mobdro.

Click on install and Start Streaming.

There is nothing new in this, The process of Installing an Android App from Emulator will remain same for always.

Download Mobdro Apk For Chromecast

Mobdro For Chromecast

If you have Chromecast at your home, you’re going to get a treasure on your hand. You can Enjoy Mobdro options on Chromecast also.

That’s true, you don’t need to pay any fee for it.

As you already know, Chromecast is an official gadget introduced by Google itself. So, You need an app called “Google Home App” on your device.

You’ll find this app on Play Store or on the Internet.

Open the app and Click on SetUp Option, you’ll get this option on top right corner of the app.

Once you’re there, Go to your Chromecast Device and start searching for the nearby devices.

Chromecast screen will show you some results including your Phones Name.

Click on Config option and Request to pair, a pop-up will appear on your device with the name of your Chromecast device.

Do connect both or your Device with each other and wait for a while.

Now you’re ready to rock, Open your Phone Settings and Search “Cast Screen”. Go to that Option and Enable it.

After doing this you can see your phone’s screen on your Chromecast device.

Download Mobdro App on FireStick/Fire TV

FireStick/Fire TV is also very popular among TV Addicts who spend their most of time in front of thief TV Screens. I ain’t saying it’s bad, cause you aren’t doing anything bad here.

But if you’re paying for your movies, then I can offer you something which is totally free and have a huge variety of choices to make.

Yes, I’m talking about Mobdro Apk for FireStick/Fire TV.

It’s a bit long process, but I can guarantee that in the end you’ll get this app live on your Fire TV.

Open the FireStick and Hover to the settings.

Click on My Fire TV Option.

A list of options will appear, click on Developers Option. Give Permission to the Apps From Unknown Sources.

It’s same as the Android Security access, which you did in the first step of installing Mobdro on Android.

Go back to your Home Screen and hit the Search Bar.

Enter “Downloader” and let the results come to you. Select the First option, Downloader App.

Download it on your FireTV and Allow to all the permission which is need to be granted.

Once you feel the app is fully installed on your device and ready for use, Open it.

There will be an option to Enter URL, paste the below link.

It will redirect you to the same website of the URL, Scroll to the download button and hit enter when you find the correct button.


FireTV will consider it as an app and start installing right from there.

When it’s done installing, Go back to the Main Menu.

Click on Your Apps & Channels and Expand the list, you’ll surely find your app there in the list.

Now you can open the app and start watching your favourite contents for free on your FireTV Setup.


Mobdro App Download

Can we download Mobdro App on iPhone?

There is no such official update of Mobdro For iPhone, iPad and iOS Device. But, By using some tweaks you can easily grab this app and install it on any of your device.

Is it illegal?

Not at all, you can use this app as long as you want to. There is no issue with this app and if something bad happens to the app then the developers will handle it by their own. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Does Mondro have Ads?

Yes, but the quantity and size is adjustable. You won’t find any annoying ads on this app, all the ads are already fixed in the bottom of the layout and they’re enough to generate revenue to keep the link providers happy.

Can we download movies from Mobdro?
It’s save offline option, you can save any video or movie offline and watch them later whenever you want to. It will be a great point if you’re travelling to somewhere or have pending data of your Internet Plan and you don’t know where you can spend it. You can save multiple videos at a time, upto 5 contents at a time.

Why Mobdro isn’t available on Play Store?

You may already know that Google is highly against piracy and copyright violations. This app is delivering contents without having any authority or holders permission which is illegal. That’s why Play Store can’t let this app stay on their platform.

What is Parental Filter?

If you’re a guardian and have childrens, this option will automatically disable appropriate contents like pornography or psychological. This way you can make your children stay away from these things and keep them safe.

Final Words

In the end, I just want you to make sure that you had followed the correct steps and got the latest version of the app. We keep the version updated, So, Keep checking the post for the Latest Version of Mobdro.

Let us know if you feel lost somewhere, or don’t seems to fit on your device.

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